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Monday, September 25, 2006

A Little Talk on Anal Play

This is a text from the web site regarding Anal Play written by a lady friend of ours, presented for your entertainment, education and enlightenment, courtesy Cupid Boutique. :-)


Anal sex is one of the most taboo forms of sexual play commonly practiced. Any type of anal play has long been a source of shame and discomfort to many. NO MORE!! Men and women today, as they become more educated and aware of their bodies and it's functions and pleasures, have come to introduce anal play into their sexual repertoire.

In addition to fingers and tongues, sex toys such as butt plugs and anal beads have become more popular. Butt plugs provide a sensation of fullness - they usually have a narrow tip, wider middle and a narrow bottom secured to a flared base. A curved plug follows the natural curve of the rectum while a straight plug is usually made soft enough to bend and follow the curve.

Anal beads are perfect for those who enjoy the feeling of the sphincter muscles opening and closing to let an item in and/or out. Beads provide the sensation of fullness without putting pressure on the opening of the anus and retrieving them can make you howl with pleasure. If your timing is good, retrieving them during orgasm can prolong and intensify orgasmic pleasure. All anal toys have a flared base - NEVER use anything for the butt that doesn't or you risk a trip to the emergency room and an unwelcome spelunking adventure.

Always have a supply of batteries handy for your vibrating toys and plenty of lube. The anus isn't self-lubricating so ALWAYS USE PLENTY OF LUBE!! Jelly and cream lubes are generally thicker, water based lubes are great and silicone based lubes are probably the best type to use. Known for it's slick and smooth texture and long lasting abilities, silicone adheres to the rectal walls so reapplication isn't as frequent. However, never use a silicone lube with a silicone or cyber skin/ur3 toy. Silicone adheres to itself and will ruin your toy.

Anal Eaze is an anal lube with a desensitizing agent for the timid. Douching beforehand is recommended as fecal matter can be a big turn off. Remember to always allow the receptive partner to set the depth and pace and don't neglect to stimulate other parts of the body. Clitoral and/or penile stimulation combined with anal play can be quite exciting!!


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