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Monday, August 07, 2006

Hello and our first item

Welcome to the Cupid Boutique blog -

I named it this after I wandered through my new place of employment for the first time and, upon checking out the HUGE variety of items to make women sexually happy, I thought 'Chicks have all the fun'.

Seriously folks, you have to see it to believe it - the technology in some of this stuff is like a shuttle launch...

I'll be using this blog to talk about sex toys from the company I work for where I am the webmaster.

What separates this from other blogs of this genre' is that I'll be getting advice from the Cupid Boutique staff, all of whom are attractive young ladies who are serious about their business.

I'd like to start off by telling you about a product that got rave, and I mean RAVE feedback from our customers - the Silicone Ultra Wireless Dolphin from California Exotics. They were so enthusiastic I was inspired to create the Cupid Picks (more about later)

It is a small, elegant dolphin made out of silicon. It's blue and very pretty, really.

Silicon is important as it is easy to clean and can actually be BOILED because it's melting point is 600 degrees Celsius. It won't even notice boiling water.

The dolphin has a hole for insertion of a lipstick-sized vibrator (included and batteries included too) called a 'bullet'.

After use, resume normal breathing and remove the bullet to clean.

Do NOT boil it with the bullet in it!

One more thing - and this applies to ALL Silicon items.

Do NOT USE with a Silicon lube! This sticks to the item and deforms it!


A great selection of lubes is found right here.

The first Cupid Pick for you - The Silicone Ultra Wireless Dolphin !


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